Restaurant "Bonsoir"

Restaurant "Bonsoir" is a delicious European cuisine, professionally organized events and service of business and private events in any format.

Restaurant with up to 120 people is decorated in the best traditions of classical style. Comfortable tables, exquisite curtains, stylish lamps, restrained and neutral interior colors, sophisticated textile decoration, perfect service create a great atmosphere for celebrating your holiday or relaxation.

Birthday or anniversary is a special holiday for everyone. Preparing for it requires taking care of the slightest moments. The organization of a quality banquet consists of many nuances, which include choosing a festive menu for quality service. And it does not matter who you celebrate with your birth: with friends, relatives or colleagues - the restaurant Bonsoir will be the best place to go.

Your wedding is also a special occasion for us. In addition to the planned and exquisite serving, snow-white tablecloths and high-quality service, you can enjoy the finely crafted banquet menu. After all, we will definitely offer you to choose a huge range of banquet dishes, original salads and delicious snacks in the best traditions of European and Ukrainian cuisine.

In addition, the location of the hall in the hotel complex creates additional benefits in planning and organizing any event with many guests present at it.

If you really want to celebrate your holiday in an original and unusual way, or if you have any specific wishes for dishes, drinks or decorations of the banquet hall, we will be pleased to arrange for you the best feast, taking into account all your wishes.


For orders, please contact: 0675068848 - Restaurant "Bonsoir"