Barbecue "Le Grill"

Barbecue-bar "Le Grill" is the first real barbecue-bar in Chervonograd. Our establishment is located in a cozy place, which is far from the local bustle.

Here you will taste delicious delicious meals from grill. One of the features of the establishment is an outdoor barbecue grill, which works on natural charcoal and is located directly in the hall. This way you can watch your dishes.

The main focus is on meat dishes. Here you can taste shish kebab from pork neck, juicy sausages, veal stew, chicken fillet grill, grilled vegetables and a lot of delicious. A vivid addition will be fresh beer, a glass of wine or fragrant coffee with a dessert from the chef. This is a great place for a romantic dinner or a holiday in a fun company. This is a great place for romantic dinner and relaxation in a fun company.

In the interior of the barbecue-bar "Le Grill", the use of natural wood, stone, a lot of distinctive decors, which visually emphasize the concept of the institution, are used to decorate our barbecue-bar atmosphere of warmth and hospitality.

Choosing ideas for the interior of the barbecue-bar "Le Grill" we sought to create an atmosphere of comfort in it, so that each of our guests forgot about the routine and fully enjoyed the culinary masterpieces of our cooks.

The barbeque bar is a great place to watch a football match with your favorite hookah taste.

Welcome to us - we are always glad to see you!

The barbecue bar is open during the summer.